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5 Things You Should Know About Job Recruiters

Many job seekers are confused about how hiring works, and, specifically, about how to work with recruiters. It is important to understand their role and how the process works in order to be successful.

1. Recruiters are not career counselors.

Don't expect a recruiter to look at your resume and immediately understand where you would fit into their organization or to suggest which career path you should choose. They don't know you well enough, and they aren't mind readers (fortunately!).

It is your job to know what you want to do and to tell the recruiter where you fit into an organization -- which jobs you want and, hopefully, which part of the organization.

2. Rec

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Lessons From Detroit: Where to Find Job Retraining Services and Classes

During preparations for the "GMA" Jobs Expo in Detroit, we met several job-seekers that were transitioning from one career -- many in the auto industry -- to another.

Believe it or not, there are jobs opening up across the country, but not all of them will be filled, largely because they are highly specialized and require specific training.

Getting retrained for a job might seem like a daunting task, but there are several resources out there that can be a big help.


Just ask Scott Jones who lost his job at a metal parts factory but then, at age 32, completed college and earned an associates degree in pharmacology with the help of state and federal programs.

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Welcome to Home-Fix

home improvement ideas pinterest Screwdrivers" alt="/d-i-y-guides/tips/hand-power-tools/all-about-screwdrivers"/>

All About Screwdrivers

Never use a screwdriver as a cold chisel, or for home improvement tips prying, punching, chiseling, scoring or diy home renovation blog scraping.

Ensure that the ...

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HVAC Blog | HVAC Talk & Trends | HVAC Maintenance Tools | Power Generation Maintenance

In this "Just Venting Podcast," Ray Field, the Director of Goodway Liquid Solutions, discusses the physical and financial impact of scale build-up on boilers, chillers and cooling towers. Ray also provides tips on how to avoid expensive repairs, improve hvac courses energy efficiency and decrease electrical costs by implementing an effective maintenance plan.

Chiller units -- open loop or closed loop -- naturally experience performance degradations over time. As noted by Facilities Net, chillers and companion c

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British man found dead outside Malaga airport

Semi-naked British man found dead outside Malaga airport - BBC News

Malaga airportImage copyrightTerry Whalebone

Spanish police have launched an investigation after finding the body of a British man who had been tied up and may have been choked to death.

The body of the 51-year-old man was discovered outside Malaga airport on Friday morning.

An airport worker alerted police after finding the body bound to a bench.

Police said the man, who had been stripped from the waist down and had his hands tied behind simple assault charges his back, could have been hiring a drunk driving attorney sexually assaulted.

It is not immediately clear whether the man was waiting for a flight, had recently flown to Malaga or was in the area for another reason.

A Foreign Office spokesperson said: "We are in close contact with the Spanish authorities following the death of a man believed to be British in Malaga and are ready to provide assistance if needed."

Spanish police are examining CCTV footage around the airport.


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Employment Opportunities With FOX News

The FOX News Channel is looking for experienced media professionals, journalists and support staff who understand what people want from today's news: More information, presented in a fair and balanced format.

Opportunities at FNC

Work in the fast-paced news industry. Check out our Intern Program (click on the video on the left) or other job opportunities at FNC

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Yield Analyst-Fox News Digital

New York

The Yield Analyst will monitor the monetization of Foxnews.com and Foxbusiness.com's remnant inventory through accurate analyses and yield improvement initiatives

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Executive Leather Office Chairs for Sale - Buy The Best Luxury Office Furniture

Executive Leather Office Chairs - The Best Chairs for Comfort and Exuberance

Executive leather office chairs are usually at the highest portions furniture tables of the aesthetic chair industry. More often than not, one can see them in professional places of work, and are usually used by CEO's and top businessmen. Comfort and state-of-the-art exuberance are among the best qualities of a good executive office chair. Mostly, these chairs are made of very fine leather and a good combination of wood and steel. By using several mechanisms associated with executive leather office chairs, a certain user

can be alleviat